Snow days & needle felting

A few days ago the snow had been melting for a while and it looked like spring was on the way, just like my crocheted groundhog predicted 🙂 Now, however, winter is back again. With a vengeance. It snowed for 24 hours a couple of days ago, and yesterday everything was chaos. The traffic stood still and the power was out some places. The plough has left huge piles of dirty snow on the sidewalks, walking to school feels like walking through narrow alleys. This is how our street looks right now:

Can you believe that underneith that mountain there actually is a car? It’s a fairly small sports car, but still… The poor thing’s been there all winter, I have no idea where the owner is. I placed my boyfriend by the heap for scale 🙂

Dug up my wool and felting needles today and I have started my latest project for the new hobby challenge. But, since I want the result to be a surprise, I’ll just post some pictures of my first attempts at needle felting from a few years ago. A horse, cow and a pig, a few sheep, a hen, rabbit and a ladybug. They have a sort of boxy shape, because they’ve been stuffed in a bag for a long time.

Anyway, my current project entails a framework of pipe cleaners, and I’m going to make it a lot more detailed than these old creatures, so I hope I get it right. If I do, maybe I’ll try making one of the dogs from this cute book:

It’s in Norwegian, but the English edition is called “Fleece Dog” by Nobuko Nagakubo. The book has instructions for 20 different dog breeds, including an Afghan Hound, a Poodle, Chihuahua, Scottish Terrier and a Dalmatian. I’d like to try making a German  Shepherd 🙂 There are color charts for each dog, and silhouettes that clearly show the shape of the dogs.

All I need is a few more colors and a set of these things, whatever they are called in English…

Well, not a dog brush like this, but the kind you use to straighten out the wool fibers. Handy for mixing colors, too. They’re just a bit expensive, so they’ll have to wait a while :/

Any comments?

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