New blog! Again…

Okay, now I’ve become hooked on making beaded animals again, since I bought a new book and made a few beaded things for my Advent calendar. Of course I’ve also been inspired by Elsa’s blog, she makes very pretty animals 🙂 It’s been some years since I was seriously into it, before I learnt to knit and crochet. I made quite a lot of animals, and now that I’ve started to make more I needed somewhere to post about them, with links to patterns and stuff. So I have made a new blog, because I’d like to keep using this one for my knit and crochet projects, and all the other stuff I write about. I won’t be writing much on the other blog, it’s mostly pictures, but there are some reviews of the books that I own and use.

This is basically what I’ve been doing the past few days, and now I’m finally happy with the layout and organizing of categories and labels and all that 🙂  So here it is, my blog of beaded animals 😀

A link has also been added to the right sidebar.

Any comments?

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