Hello, kitty :)

This is my grandmother’s cat, our own little sphinx, Ronja. She’s named after a character in a Swedish children’s book, and she fits her name quite well. She’s kind of crazy, the weirdest cat I know. The first year we had to remove all the decorations from the bottom of the Christmas tree, because she wouldn’t leave them alone. Otherwise she’s completely uninterested in cat toys. She hates strangers, and disappears for days if something happens in her house (like relatives visiting), she has been speyed, but hunts everything that moves. Kills lots of mice and little birds. The mice are usually left as presents for us, but she swallows the birds head first (if we can’t get to her first). She is extremely spoiled with food, she will only eat the soft kind with sauce, but she doesn’t eat anything with fish. What cat doesn’t like fish…? She’s practically voiceless, but she does her best to let us know when she wants something. She squeaks more like a mouse than a cat 🙂
When she’s not hunting she sleeps all day, but she’ll usually only sleep on my mother’s lap. Here she is tucked up in her favorite chair behind my mother:

Any comments?

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