More presents (family, look away!)

The orange scarf is finally finished! It took a while, but I got there in the end 🙂 Unfortunately it felted a lot more than I expected, but I have stretched it a little and I hope it’s not too short. I fear it will look more like a bow-tie than a scarf… My boyfriend has tried it on, but I’m not sure how his sister wears her scarves, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I have two new projects, both are crocheted and felted coaster sets. Granny squares for my in-laws, hopefully the coasters will shrink a lot, because I think they’re too big. It’s supposed to be a set of six , but I fear I will run out of gray yarn… Maybe I’ll make the other three with opposite colors so I won’t have to buy a new ball of yarn. I’m all out of money, so shopping is out of the question.

For my oldest cousin and her boyfriend I plan to make coasters from the spiral shell I posted about earlier, four or six coasters in different shades of brown and white. So far I have made two, I hope come out ok after felting.

On the whole I feel like I’ve been good at using what I have this year, I haven’t bought too much yarn or other craft stuff to make presents or calendar projects. If I can keep it up maybe I can save up some money to go to Egypt and celebrate Christmas next year 🙂


Any comments?

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