For some reason I just love dragonflies 🙂 They are sort of primitive and a little creepy, and really cool with their two sets of indepentent wings. And they’re so insanely old, they appeared millions and millions of years ago, way before the dinosaurs 🙂 In Norwegian a dragonfly is called “øyenstikker”, which means “eye poker” or “eye stinger”. Not sure why, they don’t fly into people’s eyes much.
Some years ago I bought a book by Ingrid Moras about making animals of beads and metal wire. The book is called Perledyr in Norwegian (“Beaded animals”, the original is German: Perlentiere), and the first thing I made from it was a blue dragonfly. Since then I’ve made almost two dozen of them, all in different colors. These two are my favorites:
Aren’t they lovely? I especially like the purple one. 
I just realized that today is the first Sunday of Advent, and I don’t have anything “adventy” to show you.. I kind of had plans to use my blog as some sort of advent calendar, but the next week will unfortunately be very busy for me, so I doubt I will have time to post very often. My last exam is December 7th, so after that I will try to catch up and share some Christmasy things 🙂

Any comments?

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